LK5000 Rower Machine
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จักรยาน Spinning bike

LK5000 Rower Machine  
รหัสสินค้า : BH LK5000
ยี่ห้อ : BH FITNESS
รุ่น : LK5000
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R520: Rowing Machine LK5200

Air resistance to provide more natural and smooth movement.

Light weight design, easy and quick assembly and dismantling.

The flywheel’s design conceived to minimize the noise and reinforce the fl uid and smooth feeling of rowing on a boat.

Flywheels in the shape of a fan covered by a double side cover with concentric holes, which help to its ventilation and cooling, and give more resistance to each stroke.

Poli-V belt drive system, which assures a smooth and noiseless exercise, maintenance free.

Oversized footrests, covered with non-absorbent and non-slip rubber surface.

Is the only rower on the market with controls on the handlebar to change the resistance without having to go until the monitor.

Railwith4steelbearingscoveredwithrubberoveranaluminiumsectionwithstainlesssteelcovering,for a soft and quiet seat slide.

Structure made by one-piece design tube, which offers more stability and durability.

Safety lock system for the grip, for fi xing the grip during the exercise or once the user has finished it.

4adjustablefeets.Theyassurethemaximumstabilityonanykindofsurfacewithwheelsetatthefront part of the machine, for a quick and easy transportation.

Constant heart rate monitoring, thanks to the telemetric pulse chip.

On-screen information: Time, Distance, SPM, (strokes/min.), Total strokes, Watts, Time / 500 m., Calories, Pulse…

Programs: 12 preset profi les with a total of 111 different workout levels, Manual program (time, distance, calories, pulse and strokes), Watt, User program with customizable profi le, 4 HRC programs, Race program, Recovery test and HIIT program (High Intensity Interval Training).

LCDscreen:5,5inchLCDscreenwithcolourgraphicdisplay,whichcanbepositionedindifferent angles so that any user can properly see the screen regardless of height.

Grips with non-slip and nonabsorbent rubber covering, more resistante to breakage and bacteria. • Anatomically designed seat, for ensuring a more comfortable exercise and fi xing the body’s

position during the stroke.

Oscillating pedals that allow following the natural movement of the feet all along the exercise.

Width: 54 cm / 21 inch

Length: 272 cm / 107 inch

Height: 116 cm / 45 inch

Maximum user weight: 160 kg / 352 lbs Usable length of rail: 118 cm / 46 inch Gear ratio: 1:4.2

Improved footrests that can be adapted to any user.

New program incorporated. With the high intensity interval training (HIIT) program, you can be guided by the monitor during the exercise (depending on the goal, to row faster or slower). This program is excellent to tone up your body or increasing your lean mass.



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